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Creativity+ Innovation = Game Change!

Steve Jobs was the Henry Ford of his time. Henry did not invent the automobile. He turned automotive transportation into an affordable consumer product. Steve did not invent the computer, the phone or the tablet. He turned these devices into affordable consumer products.  The car and the modern computer interface came from the creative minds of other people but were commercialized by creative innovators Ford and Jobs.

Creativity is the development of a novel idea that has value (de Bono 2011, Amiable 1996, 2004; Sternberg 1999). Being creative in a leadership sense is the capacity to see and think differently than most. But, “being creative is not enough!” 

What Makes these Events Creative?

Observation #1
I was standing in the lobby of the Europa Hotel in Belfast waiting for a colleague to go to dinner.  Singles, pairs and groups of young men and women rushed into the lobby and asked where was the White Collar Boxing taking place.  The doorman said on the first floor,  After observing this scene for a few minutes I asked the doorman what is white collar boxing and why were all these people rushing to participate.  After all I had been at the hotel for 4 days and had not seen this many people in the lobby before.  He explained that white collar means managers, lawyers, directors of companies where donating their talent to box each other for charity,  He surmised that some of the people rushing in where coming to see their boss take a beating.   

The Master SLer Steps Down!

Steve Jobs

The Master SLer steps down!  Steve Jobs says his health no longer allows him to fulfill his duties. He is the man who was a role model of:

1. Persistence and learning from mistakes – the Newton – Lisa. The newton turned into I Phone; Lisa turned into the Macintosh;

2. Commitment to values – ease of use and cool design – closed sourcing –

3. Resilience – forced out of Apple, he founded Next computer – returned to Apple and took it to greater heights.

4. Branding and Image - The Black Mock Turtle – The well worn blue jeans - The annual presentation of products we couldn’t do without. — The image, voice and soul of Apple.  A Rock Star

You Don’t Have To Change!

  • Mohammad Ilyas, Guest Blogger 

  • No, you don’t have to change!  But don’t expect the world to stop Changing! In fact, by all indicators, the pace of change in the world around us is becoming faster and faster. Here are few eye-opening projections from a YouTube video “shift happens.” This six-minute video beautifully describes the dynamics of the changes that our world is going through. It provides glimpses of powerful technology trends, global competitive environment, and the challenges that next generations are expected to face. There is no way that old approaches (and mindset) will provide effective solutions to these challenges. Here are a few relevant highlights from this video:
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