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John Pisapia is a Professor of Leadership Studies at Florida Atlantic University (USA) and Founder of the Strategic Leader Network (SLN) a global learning community focused on the principles of strategic leadership.  Dr. Pisapia’s work in strategic thinking and execution has received national and international attention. His book, The Strategic Leader (Washington Post top ten business books in 2010) describes his all echelons theory of strategic leadership and presents new science tactics that lead away from compliance responses and toward engagement, commitment, and self-managed organizations.

John’s mission is to develop and provide the tools which enable aspiring and practicing leaders (in all contexts) to cultivate themselves and then their organization.  He attempts to fulfill this mission by focusing on theory, tool development, network development, and community building. To support this work, he developed three validated research instruments and the Strategic Leadership Methodology (SLM) which leaders use to produce high performing organizations. The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQ) measures the leader’s use of systems thinking, reframing and reflection. The Strategic Leadership Questionnaire (SLQ), measures five leader influence actions: managing, transforming, bonding, bartering, and bridging. The Entreprenuerial Dispositions Scale (EDS) measures a leader's tendancies to embrace risk-taking, proactiveness, and innovativeness. 

John’s academic reach encompasses much of the globe. In fact, he has been introduced as the "Global Professor" referring to his visiting lectures on strategic change leadership, transforming universities and schools, strategic thinking, and entrepreneurial leadership, and the strategic leader network (SLN) he founded and directs.  The major network nodes are:

  • The South East Asian connection (HK, India, Macau, Malaysia, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Guangzhou) formed in 2005 and continues. This network yielded 1 monograph, 4 chapters, 7 articles and 19 papers centered on the cognitive and behavioral agility of leaders (strategic thinking and strategic leadership).  University lectures and seminars include The University of Malaya, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hang Seng Management College, The Education Institute of Hong Kong, Shue Yan University, South China Normal University, East-West Normal University, United International University, Fudan University, University of Gurgaon, St Joseph’s College, National Chiayi University, and the Chinese Executive Leadership Academy.
  • The European connection (Turkey, Croatia, Greece, UK, Scotland, Finland, and Spain) formed in 2009 and continues. This network yielded 6 doctoral dissertations, 4 master’s theses, 2 chapters, 3 articles, and 5 presentations centered on strategic leadership and entrepreneurial behavior. University lectures and seminars include Hacippittae University, University of Dubrovnik, Athens Institute for Education and Research, and University Rijeci.
  • The Middle East connection (Iran -2010 and Saudi Arabia - 2015). These relationships led to 3 master’s degree theses at the University of Tehran centered on strategic thinking, and a partnership with Noble Training to provide strategic thinking and leadership services to businesses and educators with the STQ and SLQ360.
  • The Oceanic connection (Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Bahrain) formed in 2012 and continues. These relationships are among the newest links in SLN have yielded 3 articles centered on interdisciplinary leadership in Universities, consultancies in strategic thinking/planning in universities and schools, and creating entrepreneurial organizations and leaders. University lectures and seminars include: Duta Wacana Christen University, Griffith University, and the University of Sydney.

Professor Pisapia is a recent Fulbright Scholar at the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Scholar in Residence at the Chinese-American Center, Hong Kong; and the Adam Smith Research Professor at the University of Glasgow.  He currently serves on the Fulbright Senior Scholar list. He holds memberships in the Strategic Management Society, the Academy of Management, and the International Leadership Association. His papers have appeared in the Leadership Review, The American Journal of Business Research, The American Journal of Education Research, Educational Management and Leadership, School Leadership & Management, Phi Delta Kappan, Government Union Review, New China Frontiers, International Educational Studies, and the NOLPE Law Review.

Dr. Pisapia was a teacher, high school principal, state commissioner of education, a tenured professor at West Virginia University and tenured professor and Department Chair at Virginia Commonwealth University where he also served as the Founding Director of the Metropolitan Research Consortium (MERC). He received a distinguished service award for profound leadership in international education by the International Schools Association. He also has been recognized as their first professor of the year by the American Association of School Superintendents, and brings 23 years of practical management experience to his academic podium.

John holds memberships in the Strategic Management Society, the Academy of Management, and the International Leadership Association. 

John Ralph Pisapia, Professor

Leadership Studies, and Founder of
The Strategic Leader Network (SLN)

Dr. Pisapia and his team are adept at delivering concepts of strategic leadership in everyday language for the general public and leaders of public, profit and non profit organizations.