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Strategic Thinking Skills

Technology to the Rescue

Random thoughts from the Confernce Creativity and Imagination held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Missed the bus to the University as did a couple of my colleagues from Finland – so we shared a cab.  They are at the East Finland University and are special educators – I have me many Finnish special educators on previous trips  – they know how to travel --  the older professor has a colleague in Nebraska who he visits with --  an insight to the Finnish personality – he likes it – says he went to a small town of 700 people and read the history – said the town was formed in 1879 and nothing has changed much since – he says that is the way Fins like - 

Strategic Leadership: Key Definitions

At the center of anything strategic is a purpose that needs to be fostered, enhanced, or nurtured. So, when you hear the word strategic think purpose, priorities, strategies and the tactics you use to achieve your purpose.
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