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Mulling it Over! Fast or Slow

sayReflection (or mulling things over) is the ability to inquire, mentally concentrate, carefully consider, and evaluate our experiences. Reflective thinking can be used on action, in action, and for action. When used on action we review past experiences to determine what happened and how could we have done it better. When used for action, the evaluative way the skills of critical thinking and creative thinking are important.  When used in action we act intuitively relying on the rules of thumb we created when reflecting on action. Using these three tactics, reflection becomes a powerful strategic thinking skill that enables us to evaluate, decide and embark on new paths. The following vignette of how a school found its purpose illustrates how it works!

Take Care of Your People

I have lectured and established research alliances in many places in this beautiful world spreading the gospel of strategic leadership.  In addition to my natural assignment in the USA, I have taught courses in Macau, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. I also lectured in Shanghai, Turkey, India, Italy, Greece, Paraguay, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Northern Ireland, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, Columbia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. I have established working research alliances with colleagues in many more places than I have visited, such as Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. We work as a team using the strategic leadership instruments and protocols Dan and I developed even though we may never meet each other face to face.
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