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Policy Studies
Mohammed, S., Walker, D. & Pisapia, J. (In Press) Lessons learnt: Implementing the Scientific based research components of Reading First. Education Policy Analysis Archives.

Mohammed, S., Pisapia, J., & Walker, D. A. (2009, May). Optimizing State Policy Implementation: The Case of the Scientific Based Research Components of the NCLB Act. Current Issues in Education [On-line], 11(8).

Brown, P. & Pisapia, J. (2008). A study of neighborhood organizations and schools. Presented at the CCEAME Conference, September 8-12 ICC Durban, South Africa.

Ellison, J. & Pisapia, J. (2006). The State of Holocaust Education in Illinois. IDEA, a journal of Social Issues, Volume 11 No. 1.
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