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Dissertations Supervised

Dissertations Supervised

Feit, K. (2016). Improving School Performance: Leader autonomy, and entreprenuerial orientation, unpublished dissertation, Florida Atlantic University. (Nominated for Dissertation of the Year - 2 papers presented).

Adamo, L. (2015). College student leaders: The cogntive and behavioral skills of student leaders and their relationship to organizational commitment, unpublished dissertation, Florida Atlantic University. 

Flesher, R. (2015). The policy entrepreneur in education, unpublished dissertation, Florida Atlantic University. (Winner - Department Dissertation of the Year)

Daniel, H. (2014). Effects of the four pillars on statewide high school graduation rates.  Florida Atlantic University.

Glick-Cuenot, S. (2014). Predictors of undergraduate student academic success. Florida Atlantic University. (Nominated for Department Disseration of the Year - paper presented)
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